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Angel Zapata

Poetic, grim, bizarre, gothic and chilling – all adjectives to describe Angel Zapata‘s writing. And every single one of them is absolutely true.

My first taste of Mr. Zapata’s work was an online writing site and I was immediate hooked by the depth and scope of his writing – his short stories pulled you in immediately and, although flash fiction and short stories sometimes can be difficult, he pulls it off with ease (whilst leaving the reader slightly uneasy.) Not to mention his poetry…

He has been published in many excellent anthologies including Toe Tags, Howl: Dark Tales of the Feral and Infernal, and Branded Words.

His collection of short stories, The Man of Shadows, is available at Amazon and Lulu.

It begins with “The Mouth of Babes,” a visceral tale of streetwalkers and addicts, morbid voyeurs, cannibalistic tattoos, and witchcraft. Jimmy only wants another photograph for his online Death Images website. But when his good friend, Steve calls him down to the morgue to see a body with a strange tattoo of a mouth on her abdomen, he learns that sometimes the dead have incurable appetites. In Death Reversal,” a grief-stricken wife hopes to resurrect the husband she murdered by making a long distance call to hell. “The Bridge” pits the superstitious beliefs of the neurotically-challenged, Benson against the very real presence of a modern-day troll. “Dead Flames” paints us a brief love story between the walking dead. From the wicked predilections of children to the varied manifestations of evil personified, The Man of Shadows will have you running for the light. (From
Angel Zapata is author of the horror short story collection, The Man of Shadows, available in paperback or eBook through,, and Lulu.
He also edits 5×5 Fiction: 25-word stories told in 5 sentences of 5 words each.
Visit A Rage of Angel and 5×5 Fiction or his Goodreads Author page.

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