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Icy Sedgwick


Action, thriller, paranormal, fantasy, steampunk…all readers love a bit of variety, don’t we? Otherwise we feel like we are reading the same thing over and over and over again. Well, you won’t get that feeling with Icy Sedgwick. She is nothing if not diverse in her talents. Cavalier ghosts, parrots and pirates, and Vertigo City make up just a slice of what Icy brings to the table.

The first piece of writing of Icy’s I read was one of her Tales from Vertigo City – which contained pretty much all of the elements mentioned above in one story. Needless to say, I was hooked.

The First Tale” (pictured above) is also a story from Vertigo City and certainly one novella worth checking out.

A vaguely steampunk adventure, set in the fictional city of Vertigo. The Resistance is pitted against the shadowy Weimar Corporation that runs the City. Their stalemate is broken by the death of a suspected infiltrator, setting
Resistance Commander Liss Hunt and her bewildered companion Philip Wiseman on a journey into the depths of both organisations to discover the truth behind who – or what – is really running the City. Featuring automatons, mad scientists, chases, a gun-toting heroine and even the Living Dead, The First Tale is a short novella that proves people are not always what they seem. (From

It can be bought either at Smashwords or Amazon.


Also available by Icy Sedgwick:

Fifteen previously published stories, collected together for the first time, spanning fantasy, horror, sci fi and speculative fiction. Among other things, Bleed Them Dry puts a new spin on vampires, talking corpses tell their side in The Dead Do Listen, a little girl is fascinated with an antique that hides a dark side in The Mirror Phase, and a devilish game of chess goes wrong in Checkmate. (From

Checkmate & Other Stories” can be found at either Smashwords or Amazon.







Icy Sedgwick is part writer and part trainee supervillain, and dreams of Dickensian London. Her current works include a ghost story about a Cavalier and a tale of retribution in the Old West. She posts weekly free fiction and other shenanigans on her blog, Icy’s Blunt Pencil.

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