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Paul D. Brazill

When I first started visiting writing sites, there was always one name that seemed to be there – Mr. Paul D. Brazill. And it seemed that every second time I saw his name it was usually attached to a phrase along the lines of “I have a new story published at…” If nothing else, he is certainly prolific.

But he isn’t just prolific – he is also a prodigious talent. His noir works are dark, brooding, gritty and “Drunk on the Moon” is no exception – throw in a werewolf P.I., humour and horror and you are in for a treat.

When a full moon fills the night sky, P I Roman Dalton becomes a werewolf and prowls the dark streets of the city battling creatures of evil. Paul D Brazill’s Drunk On The Moon is an intense and hard-boiled noir / horror series, brought to you by some of the finest dark fiction writers around.” (From Amazon)


Also by Paul D. Brazill:

Brit Grit, Paul D Brazill’s first short sharp story collection, casts a bleary eye over Britain’s’ grubby underbelly in nine hard hitting crime stories. The collection includes Guns Of Brixton, which was chosen for The Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime 2011. (From Amazon)





Spinetingler Award nominee Paul D. Brazill was born in England and lives in
Poland. His stuff has appeared in loads of classy print and electronic magazines and anthologies, including the 2011 Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime. His noir/horror stort story series, Drunk On The Moon, and short story
collection Brit Grit are out now and 13 Shots Of Noir is out soon. He writes a column for Pulp Metal Magazine and contributes to Mean Streets Magazine. He is a member of The Hardboiled Collective.

His blog You Would Say That, Wouldn’t You? is definitely worth a visit.

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