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Lori Titus

Web magazines, or eZines if you prefer, are a dime a dozen these days. Excellent horror eZines are quite a bit harder to discover.

Flashes in the Dark is an extremely popular and respected eZine in the horror field and its managing editor, Lori Titus, is equally regarded as both an editor and as a writer. Her serial work, Marradith Ryder, is widely followed and it was only natural that her work should end up in published format.

Her novella, Lazarus, is a fascinating blend of the Wild West and Zombies:

It’s 1869.  In the town of Lazarus, California, the dead don’t stay that
way. Luella Pembry comes to town with a secret, and a device. She offers
the Sheriff and the Mayor of the town a proposition – give me my own land to
build on, and I will destroy the zombies that plague your town.
Sheriff Drake is skeptical at first, but willing to try anything to save his hometown.
Together, Luella and Drake set out to solve the mystery behind the Risings
that are occurring  in Lazarus. (From Amazon)


Also from Lori Titus:

Hailey’s Shadow

Hailey Patterson has a history of arson, murder, and revenge. Are the “shadows” that she sees a ploy invented to keep her out of jail? Or is she being controlled by a malevolent “other”?

Green Water Lullaby

Short story collection about the paranormal goings on in the town of Chrysalis, South Carolina.
All of Lori’s books are available from either her Amazon author page or her Barnes & Noble author page.


Lori Titus is an author from Southern California who enjoys exploring the darker side of imagination.

Her work includes two novellas: Lazarus, Hailey’s Shadow, and a collection of short stories, Green Water Lullaby. She is also the managing editor for a short fiction website called Flashes in the Dark. Lori is currently working on a novel version of her popular web serial, The Marradith Ryder Series, as well as several other writing and editing projects.  To keep up with her latest work, follow her on Twitter as Loribeth215 or visit her blog, The Darkest of Lore.

2 thoughts on “Lori Titus

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  2. In that ‘dime-a-dozen’ thing, both Lazarus and Green Water Lullaby are fabulous and really stand head and shoulders above so much else out there at the moment. Lori’s writing is crisp and pacey, the characters developed and the settings vivid and scary. I haven’t yet read Hailey’s Shadow, but I’m looking forwards to it.

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