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Nerine Dorman

Earlier this month we introduced you to Carrie Clevenger and the story, Just My Blood Type, that she penned with co-author Nerine Dorman. Today, Nerine gets a post of her own – and there is so much to tell you.

I have to admit that I only first became aware of Nerine after the release of Just My Blood Type – and then, when I was looking for authors to add to my list, Carrie suggested I get in contact with Nerine. And what a great idea that was.

An author, editor, musician, magician…the list is endless. But she appears here for her writing and so I shall get to that presently.


Khepera Rising by Nerine Dorman:

“The wickedest man in Africa has problems, and they can’t all be solved by magic.
Occult bookshop owner and black arts magician James Edward Guillaume reckons he has it all, and enjoys living up his reputation as South Africa’s “wickedest man”, a nice house, a business that’s breaking even and the pick of all the pretty Goth girls and boys in Cape Town. Little does he know, a group of violent Christo-militants are panting at his heels, ready to destroy his carefully constructed fantasy world. To add mischief to his misery, he’s unwittingly unleashed a terrifying demonic entity, and he alone holds the key to The Burning One’s secret. To bring order out of the chaos, all James has to do is conquer his personal demons, teach a rather nasty, self-righteous sod a lesson in humility and find out whether he can win back the trust of an old flame. Only, as James discovers, getting back on top is hell on earth. Content Warnings: M/M/F sexual content, occult, violence, gore. (From Amazon.)

Khepera Rising is available at Amazon and Lyrical Press.


Also by Nerine Dorman:

Just when the wickedest man in Africa thought the nightmare was over…

 Still recovering from the trauma of his encounter with the Christo-militants who tried to kill him, Jamie only wants to get his life back on track. This is easier said than done when he’s essentially blackmailed into helping solve a case involving alleged cult activity.
 To complicate matters further, the media gets involved and Jamie has to tread carefully. However, soon the hunter becomes the hunted and Jamie faces some difficult choices. Will his uneasy symbiosis with The Burning One save him or will he be tempted to grasp for more power than he can possible hold?


How far will you travel to lay your dead to rest? Struggling to come to terms with her boyfriend Aidan’s death, Chloë is ill prepared to deal with the violent murder of his best friend. When tantalizing evidence suggests there is more to Aidan’s apparent death than meets the eye, Chloë will not let her lack of material resources keep her from uncovering the truth, even if the truth proves far more dangerous and with a far more sinister nature than she bargained for.

Both these titles, Khepera Redeemed and The Namaqualand Book of the Dead, are available through Lyrical Press.



Nerine Dorman reads, edits, blogs and writes compulsively. Her other pursuits include gardening, magic, dreams, traveling, music, classic cars, ancient Egypt and hanging around on indie film sets. She champions the cause of the western leopard toad, rhino conservation and advocates the planting of more trees.

Some of her favourite authors include Neil Gaiman, Jacqueline Carey, Storm Constantine, William Burroughs, Don Webb and Poppy Z. Brite, all of whom have inspired her to scribe evocative and darkly creative prose. Although not limited to genre, most of her works follow a dark or urban fantasy thread, with a hint of splatterpunk and eroticism–when the mood fits, of course.

She lives in Cape Town, South Africa, in a treehaus next to a national park. By day, she works as a sub-editor and writer at a newspaper publisher. For the rest of the time, she’s a fiction editor, author, magician, a sometimes-musician and domestic goddess. She likes red wine, good food and thunderstorms during summer, and doesn’t bite…much.

Visit her at her blog This is My World, follow her on Twitter at @nerinedorman.

Find her books at Lyrical Press, or keep up-to-date with her Facebook page.


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