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Geraldine Evans

Crimes novels, historical and romance novels – not exactly a combination that you will get from a lot of authors but Geraldine Evans has done so over her career. Added to that, she offers writing advice on her blog and written several articles on different New Age subjects and history. Quite a talent indeed.

Her crime novels, on which we will focus (we do like crime novels here) are in two different series – the Rafferty and Llewellyn mystery series and the Casey and Catt series. Both series are highly recommended for those who love a great mystery, excellent dialogue and some splashes of humour thrown in.


Deadly Reunion by Geraldine Evans:

“Loves, labours, losses and not to mention a spattering of the occult are all part of an education at the prestigious Griffin School, but when a reunion culminates in the death of a high profile former student, DI Joseph Rafferty and his ever erudite partner, Sergeant Dafyd Llewellyn, are called in to unearth the truth behind the school’s picturesque facade . . .”

Deadly Reunion is available from Amazon and Severn House Publishers.


Also available from Geraldine Evans:

The first in the Casey & Catt series.

“When Chandra Bansi and her baby are burnt to death, the police are anxious to
get their race relations right. DCI Casey and his less than politically correct
sergeant rapidly come under pressure from their superintendent to put a couple
of skinhead thugs behind bars. But there are other, stranger possibilities–and
Casey has some less than conventional ways of examining them…” (From Amazon)



The first in the Rafferty & Llewellyn series.

“This British author’s mystery debut introduces Detective Joseph Rafferty, newly promoted, and his sidekick, the lugubrious and sententious Sergeant Llewellyn. Their first big case together, the mutilation murder of a young woman in an expensive mental hospital, tests both their ability and their compatibility: they risk unpleasant retribution from the clinic’s ambitious, womanizing owner as well as scrutiny by press and superiors.” (From Library Review)



Up in Flames and Dead Before Morning are available from Amazon.




Geraldine Evans has been writing since her twenties, but never finished anything. It was only hitting the milestone age of thirty that concentrated her mind. She then wrote a book a year for six years, only the last of which (Land of Dreams), was published. As well as her popular Rafferty & Llewellyn crime series, she has a second crime series, Casey & Catt and has also had published an historical novel, a romance and articles on a variety of subjects, including, Historical Biography, Writing, Astrology, Palmistry and other New Age subjects. She has also written a dramatization of Dead Before Morning, the first book in her Rafferty series.

She is a Londoner, but now lives in Norfolk England where she moved, with her husband George, in 2000.

You can find Geraldine’s books on her Amazon Author page, or her former publishers Severn House Publishing. Her website and blog are also worthwhile checking out and keeping up to date with what Geraldine is up to.

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