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Julie Morrigan

As an avid reader of crime novels, I am always on the lookout for new authors whose work can hold my attention from start to finish. I want a story that doesn’t make me feel like I have “read this before”, as a lot of the mainstream authors seem to do. Authors who step out of the ordinary and provide something a little unique.

Julie Morrigan’s novel, Convictions, is one such novel. Brimming with mystery and intrigue, it is also one of those novels that gives the reader no choice but to fall in love with the characters. Finely crafted and tugging at the heartstrings (while wiping the tears away with a blood-soaked tissue), Convictions is a big novel – both in thrills and substance.


Convictions by Julie Morrigan:

“An abducted child.
A family destroyed by grief and guilt.
A man of God.

When 12-year old Tina Snowdon and her little sister Annie gratefully accept a lift from a helpful stranger, she has no way of knowing that only one of them will make it home.

As Tina’s life is torn apart by pain and recrimination, the only evidence the police have points to George Cotter, a pillar of the local church.  But as the investigation continues, it seems that perhaps a deeper and more disturbing truth may lie behind little Annie’s abduction…” (From Smashwords)

Convictions is available from Smashwords and Amazon.


Also by Julie Morrigan:

“Tales about bad people doing bad things. This short story collection features a rare cast of characters: flawed, foul-mouthed, misguided and downtrodden, all of whom might be said to have, in one way or another, ‘gone bad’. This is Brit Grit noir, no holds barred and no punches pulled.”

Gone Bad is available at Smashwords and Amazon.




Crime writer Julie Morrigan lives on the coast in the northeast of England, an area that also serves as the setting for many of her stories. She has had stories published in a wide range of print and online magazines and has, in 2011, published both Gone Bad, a collection of short fiction,and her debut novel, Convictions. She is currently working on a second short story collection and her second novel. ‘…from the dark and gritty depths of urban noir a new queen has risen.’ (Goodreads)

She can be found blogging at Another Day in the Word Factory and Gone Bad Online Stories. She is also available for professional writing services at Miscandlon & Lewthwaite Writing Services.





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