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Adam J. Whitlatch

In the rapidly expanding eBook market, authors have to find a way to stand out, to make themselves noticed; some authors offer 2-for-1 deals, some re-release print editions in eBook format and others, like Adam J. Whitlatch, come up with slightly different ideas.

Adam is another writer I first came across at a website for flash fiction. His short stories were amazing in their depth and character and his plots (such as there is in flash fiction) were well thought out and instantly demanded further reading. His work has appeared in various horror and science fiction anthologies (there are links on his blog page for further reading.) His novella, “The Weller – Land of Plenty” deserves the attention of those who prefer a post-apocolyptic adventure for their reading pleasures.


The Weller – Land of Plenty by Adam J. Whitlatch:

Matt Freeborn is scouring the wastelands of western Iowa for water and gasoline to replenish his dwindling stocks. He encounters a town where his precious water, the universal currency of the wastes, is shunned and everybody in town seems to want him dead. Matt must unravel the mystery of this veritable land of plenty if he ever hopes to get back out alive.” (From Amazon)


The Weller – Land of Plenty is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble and through Koehler-Hintz Publishers.


Now, the thing that makes Adam unique in this instance – for the rest of 2011, Adam is donating every cent from sales of this book to charity: water. Here is his explanation:

“Remember, all royalties from this story until the end of 2011 will be donated to charity:water to help build wells in impoverished areas. This is my contribution to the fight against corporate water piracy. You can also help by donating to my Weller For Wells campaign, which will go to the exact same cause.”





Adam J. Whitlatch is the author of over sixty poems and short stories in the speculative fiction genres. He enjoys travelling to conventions around the midwestern United States, lecturing on the subjects of writing and post-apocalyptic survival. He is currently working on a novel-length Weller adventure. When not writing, he devotes his time to working toward his teaching degree in English and literature. Adam resides in southeast Iowa with his wife Jessica and their three children.

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