B.R. Stateham

As a reader of crime fiction, I am always looking for characters that are memorable, characters that stick in your mind long after the reading has finished and the book has been put away.

Smitty is one such character: he is a professional hitman, razor sharp, ruthless and very effective in his line of work. Yet he is also loyal and kind hearted to those around him. B.R. Stateham’s series of novellas and short stories are entertaining and will keep you wondering whether he is a good guy after all – or a cold-blooded killer.


Three Deadly Sins by B.R. Stateham:

The newest installment of the Call Me Smitty series is a killer. In more ways
than one! Smitty is a professional hit man. Dark eyed, quiet; a killing machine that is as efficient as they come. Yet one who, at times, shows a surprising gentleness.
In Three Deadly Sins, featuring two short stories and one complete novella, Smitty is as ruthless as ever. But he is gentle to a young mother and her baby. He is loyal to a young man who wanted to be a friend. He saves the lives of two lovers who, madly in love, have no idea of the dangers their love have placed them in.
So is Smitty a hit man? Or a grim knight who steps out of the darkest shadows and showers righteous wrath onto those who justly deserve it? You decide. Smitty is waiting in the darkness . . . ”


Three Deadly Sins is available at Amazon.

Also by B.R. Stateham

With the eyes of a viper; as silent as a malevolent fog when stalking his prey–as deadly as the Angel of Death himself. That’s Smitty. Dive into the dark underworld that Smitty moves in. And remember to double-lock your back door
tonight when you go to bed. For you never know who stands in the darkness . . . waiting. The next dark glimpse we have into Smitty’s life is violent, emotional and heart wrenching. The story is more of the same Smitty grit, hard-boiled action and suspense you have come to expect and enjoy from author B.R. Stateham.” (From Amazon)



In B R Stateham’s Insatiable, PI Roman Dalton gets a request from an old friend to help him solve a murder. A murder so horrible, so brutal, it had to be caused by a werewolf! Dalton is approaching his ‘change’ and at the same time trying to solve a vicious crime. How does he stop himself from leaping onto his friend, when the time comes, and making his old buddy an evening snack? How does he find and remove from the city a werewolf who happens to be much older, and far stronger, than he is–and not create a panic among all the potential meal tickets walking around? Find out in Drunk On The Moon Four: Insatiable by BR Stateham- based on characters created by Paul D Brazill.” (From Amazon)


Something Deadly and Insatiable is available through Amazon.



I’m a fourteen year old boy trapped in a sixty year old body.  The mind is willing–the body says, “Oh no.  No, no, no!” I’m married to a wonderfully patient woman, have three grown kids and five grandchildren of which, naturally, are the most brilliant and the most handsome in the world.

Follow his blog at In The Dark Mind of B.R. Stateham or visit his Amazon Author page for a list of all his work available.

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