Write a Review – Get Free Stuff!

Everybody likes to tell people about a great book they have read, right?

Everybody likes free stuff, too, right?

So, what more can you ask for than this current promotion?

Being a part of it is easy – all you have to do is send a review of your favourite book (or the book you have just read) to areadersheaven@gmail.com and the review we choose each week as our favourite will be featured on the blog and a copy printed and displayed in-store. Other reviews will be posted randomly throughout the week.

“What do we win?” we hear you cry. Well, that is very simple. For those living in Australia, you win a new release book of our choice, posted to you free-of-charge, and free promotion of your book, blog, website or whatever you choose. How is that? For a simple review, you can win a brand new book! Sounds brilliant!

For those outside of Australia, you could either win an Amazon Gift Card (I know this defeats the purpose of owning a bookstore, but international postage is a killer), and/or promotion of your book, blog, website or whatever you please…all for the simple task of writing about a book.

This is open to absolutely anyone – young or old, fiction or non-fiction, romance or children’s books – it doesn’t matter. As long as you are reading and sharing your love of books with others.

Feel free to share this promotion with your friends – the more reviews, the better for everyone.

4 thoughts on “Write a Review – Get Free Stuff!

  1. Sounds like a great idea. I love hearing what other people enjoy.
    Is a review of a book from yesteryear acceptable, or do you want new releases?

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