Website Goes Live

A Reader’s Heaven has a new website.

Over the last few months, our store has gone through a number of changes and innovations.


Firstly, we upgraded our exchange system – offering our customers a better deal on the books they wanted to trade.

Then, earlier this year, we kicked off an ordering option for customers who were looking for something new or something a little less new…we have forged some partnerships with book suppliers all over the world to help bring our customers the best service we can provide.

Not long after that, we started to get in to selling new books as well. When Angus & Robertson closed here in Lithgow, we lost a valuable asset – the ability to buy brand new titles. So, following their demise, we made the decision to help local readers get those new releases that they were accessing from Angus & Robertson.

Now, we are moving forward with a new website and online shop. It is a very exciting period for us – this has been a long time coming and we are proud to now be able to offer our books to people all over the country – and very soon, all over the world. While it may take some time to get the online shop stocked, there will always be the “Contact Us” option for customers to enquire about the availability of any book at any time.

So, feel free to browse what is here it the moment, drop us a line if you have any questions and keep an eye on our “News” section for updates on the online shop – even visit our Facebook page and see what is happening there.



I would like to thank Jo at Visual Evolutions for the work she has put in with the logo and layout. She does a great job and extremely helpful with suggestions and questions.

Also, a thank you to Ron at Central West Information Technology for his assistance with the website and for all the computer-related work associated with the shop.


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