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Ironfest 2012 – Wrap-Up

Ironfest 2012 – The Wrap-Up



Okay, so it has been a few weeks since Ironfest and I should be berated for my tardiness in getting a report together. Let’s play nice and believe I wrote this post 2 weeks ago immediately after the event, shall we?


Friday Night

After finishing work on Friday night, we loaded about 35 boxes of books up and drove them down to the showgrounds, eager to find our tent and to see where we were located. What we found was an awesome 6×6 tent, four trestle tables and some nice lighting – we were certainly being looked after.

Driving in was an awesome sight – if you have never seen a festival in the last-minute set-up stage, under lights, then you have missed a treat; here was a mass of people scurrying around, making final preparations for the morning; cars, trucks, trailers, tents – everything was hustle and bustle, beeping horns, flashing lights, yet the people were in such good spirits – there was a sense of camaraderie amongst the stallholders and organisers, everyone working for the greater good, so to speak. It was an awesome sight indeed. (I wished I had taken some photos but we were in such a hurry to get our stuff done, I didn’t even think of it!)



Morning broke, sunny and full of promise. We arrived at the grounds at just after 7am to start setting up the tales and book displays. I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to displaying books so what should have taken half an hour ended up taking more than two hours (what can I say? I wanted them to look good!)

By 9.30am, the lines at the gate were huge, people having arrived early, brought on by the bright sunshine and the inate knowledge that this years Ironfest was going to be the best yet. The gates were supposed to open at 10am, but the sheer volume of numbers waiting to come in forced the organisers to start letting them in early.

The Book Fayre had a pretty good day – lots of people came through and bought books, some stayed at chatted for a while about books, Ironfest or how much they loved certain exhibits. The favourites seemed to be the Falconry, the Battle of Lithgow and some of the Steampunk characters wandering around the grounds.





Sunday started a little gloomy with some heavy clouds overhead but the atmosphere among the crowds wasn’t affected. Laughing, smiling, chatting, they came through the gates and, apart from a few drops of rain around lunchtime, we were blessed with another dry day.

We sold about 350 books on the Sunday – bringing the total sold to about 550 – which were we so very thankful for (I didn’t want to take any back to the shop!) We consider it to be a huge success for us and are looking forward to doing it again next year!

A big thank you is given to the organisers of Ironfest – an absolutely amazing weekend and it gave us a different perspective of the festival. Usually we are customers, this weekend we were participants – and we enjoyed every minute of it!

You can visit the Ironfest Facebook page HERE to see more photos (and a few videos) of the weekend.

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