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Martin Ed Chatterton – A Man of Many Talents


Meet Martin Ed Chatterton…I’ll even let him do the introduction:

“I was born in Liverpool, England in 1961. I went to state schools and then to art school in London. Despite wanting to be a film-maker when I entered the arts school system, I emerged from there as an illustrator and did pretty well at this for quite a while (it was a boom time for illustration and, luckily for me, at that point a half-trained chimp could get work). I did that for about ten years before drifting into writing books for children with a fair amount of success.  I still illustrate and am now at the level of a fully-trained chimp.



In between working as an illustrator and author I also found time to set up a design company, do some art school lecturing, direct some TV commercials and make an ill-fated attempt to become a lingerie baron.

At the end of the nineties I got a bit fed up with the weather in the UK, sold my share of the design company and went to the US. After shuffling back and forth for five years we eventually ended up moving to Australia in 2004, where we are now.

I’d begun writing a crime series idea a few years ago and, after a cushy (but soul-destroying) regular weekly illustration gig I’d been doing for a decade disappeared overnight, I used the spare time to finish the thing. To my agent’s great surprise it wasn’t bad.

In 2011 both Random House in Australia and Random House UK bought this debut crime fiction novel, A Dark Place To Die; a psychological thriller which takes place in Liverpool and Australia against the backdrop of a drug deal gone wrong.



The second book in the series, also featuring the central character of D.I. Frank Keane, and based in Liverpool and Los Angeles, will be published in 2013. There are plans in place for the series to continue for as long as I have stories.

I now spend my time between the north coast of New South Wales and the UK. I’m married to the lovely Annie and have two sprogs who have morphed into actual people: Sophie and Danny.

A short story entitled ‘Road Kill’ is available for free from Amazon, Google Play, and Kobo.



An interview with Ed where he discusses ‘A Dark Place to Die’ can be found by clicking the link.

If you prefer a podcast of a discussion Ed took part in with Asa Larsson, Gabrielle Lord and Tara Moss, click on the link.


Ed can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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