Tales the Laundress Told and Other Stories – Winsome Smith

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Local Lithgow author Winsome Smith has just released her new collection of short fiction entitled Tales the Laundress Told and Other Stories. It is now available in store for $19.99. A link to the Kindle version will be provided below.

From the back cover:

Winsome Smith loves a good story and loves sharing one even more. The author of eleven books and countless short stories and poems, she shares some of her favourites in Tales the Laundress Told. Her tales deal with the realities and fantasies of the imagination, human and otherwise.

With honesty and compassion, she writes of the strange experience of growing up.


  • She takes the reader back to ancient Athens, to tell the story of a well-to-do young girl’s rebellion.
  • We meet a garrulous ironing lady who shares her domestic wisdom.
  • An earnest (and bossy) daughter of a minister has a few ideas of her own to share.
  • She recounts the touching tale of a son who learns that he really does have the courage he needs.
  • In a freefall flight of fancy, she introduces her readers to a young man with ambitions to study a distant planet known as Earth.
  • Everyone who knows her wonders what on Earth could have made a very serious mother get the giggles.
  • A young girl boasts that she is ready for anything – but can she handle the challenge at hand?

These characters – and more – await you in Tales the Laundress Told.

The Kindle version of this book is available HERE.






WINSOME SMITH is a retired high school and TAFE teacher. She grew up in New South Wales country towns and was in the first graduation year at Macquarie University. Her writing career was launched on the ABC’s Kindergarten of the Air.


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