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AS5205 DL front coverHalloween was always a reluctant holiday at our house. My mother worried that its roots were dark but she didn’t want to deny us the fun. Her solution was to downplay the night, to make it about candy and fun, and to avoid all things spooky.

Luckily for her, my brother and I were never much interested in being anything too extreme. The most evil costume I ever choose was a black glamour cat. My brother was a robot, a ghost, and guy in a cape. So, Muz never had to worry much about my brother or I getting swept away by the darker side of Halloween.

In the end, Trick or Treating was a fun part of my childhood, lots of dress up and candy and parties at school. There was no real worry about anything getting out of hand. Even the pranks were kept to a minimum in our neighbourhood. I’m glad Muz checked our candy when we got home, and made sure we wore coats under our costumes the years it snowed. But all in all, it was just a lot of fun. And who doesn’t need a little bit more fun in their lives?

This year, Halloween comes to Lithgow with the same sort of mixed feelings my mother had back in Canada. Just as most new ideas, the Trick or Treat Trail has been met with some resistance. There are concerns about the dark or American aspects of the holiday. While we appreciate the concerns, we are excited to join the community to provide a safe place for kids to come, Trick or Treat, and participate in the community spirit.

2013 window workshop

Local business owners gather to create window displays for Halloween 2013

It was fantastic to see how enthusiastic the CBD is. Leading up to our first year, we’ve already seen almost full participation thanks in part to the contribution of AUSVM and the fabulous work of Council’s Economical Development Officer, Matt Brewster. On Friday, a large number of business owners gathered to plan what we would do for our window displays and to share our ideas so far. Over fifty businesses on Main Street have signed up for the Trick or Treat Trail and are planning to do something special for the night. It’s going to be awesome.

Here at A Reader’s Heaven, we’re happy to join in the fun. We think it’s a great opportunity to get involved and celebrate. We’ve already begun our display in the bookshop and will continue to add to it as we get closer to the big night. Thanks to Bianca Villa, Kiddingabout, LS Upholstery Lithgow, and Steve Anderson who have made contributions to the mad scientist display in our window.

15% off

We’ve set aside a few spooky books to further get into the spirit, including Aleister Crowley, Edgar Allen Poe, and other ghost stories, both fiction and non-fiction.

Both Paul and I will be dressing up. We’ll have some creepy stories on the sound system adding to the atmosphere of the shop. Bring your kids to the Trick or Treat Trail. Come in and show off your costume and get 15% off any purchase. You can even join our costume Hall of Fame we’ll be displaying in the month of November.

We’re looking forward to working late, and seeing all the costumes, handing out candy to the kids, and having fun as a community. Especially after the recent fires, Lithgow could use a little fun.

Come into Main Street for special Late Night Shopping, The Trick or Treat Trail, and much much more. Thursday, 31 October, 2013 at 6pm.


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