Local authors that will surprise you

With the build-up to Celebrate Lithgow well under way, we’re happy to support local authors. Paul blogged last week about some local history and non-fiction books which have been on display in our windows since Remembrance Day to a very positive reaction. In staying with the theme, I thought I’d share some local fiction authors you may enjoy. Lithgow blast-furnace park

While I was working on this, I received an email with a lovely message about Lithgow.

“Just a wee note to say that I have been following the Reader’s Heaven blog and the posts on Facebook about the events of your community. I really appreciate the support and involvement you have in your community and not only that am so impressed with the number of events and activities there. Lithgow sounds like a great place with people supporting people.”

Lithgow is a great place to live, with so much going on and some great minds producing some wonderful books. You’d be surprised to find out how many authors come from here.

Tara Moss, Fetish

Tara Moss
I can understand why a Canadian author, like Tara Moss, who was born in Canada would choose to live in the local area. For many years, Moss has written from her home in Blackheath, just a short train ride from Lithgow. She gleams her inspiration from the Blue Mountains, where she enjoys hikes and walks in her Canadian-made Tilley hat.

Moss supports our community here in the Blue Mountains and Central West. She participated this past May in the Varuna Sydney Writers’ Festival at the Carrington Hotel, in Katoomba as well doing a show in Sydney and has in past years participated in Iron Fest here in Lithgow.

We current have three novels by Tara Moss in the shop, including Fetish, the first novel featuring the character Mak, a Canadian model on assignment in Australia. When Mak’s friend is killed by the Stiletto Murder, she gets drawn into the manhunt led by Andy Flynn.

Deadline or Suspect by Jennifer Rowe

Jennifer Rowe
Also know by her nom-de-plumes Emily Rodda and Mary-Anne Dickinson, Jennifer Rowe may not be the first name you think of when listing Australian authors. Currently living in the Blue Mountains, Rowe writes Agatha Christie-style whodunit mysteries that will keep you guessing.

Her novel Deadline (also published under the title Suspect) features Detective Tessa Vance from the ’90’s television show Murder Call, which went for three seasons. The series was set in Sydney and filmed in Sydney, staring Lucy Bell and Peter Mochrie.

We also have Lamb to the Slaughter, the last book int he Birdwood mystery series which is set in a fictional village that could easily be Portland or Clarence Lithgow. The first book in the Birdwood series, Grim Pickings was also adapted for T.V. The 1989 mini-series stared Lorraine Bayly, Max Cullen, Phyllis Burford, and Libby Clark.

Black Diamonds by Kim Kelly

Kim Kelly
Kim Kelly sets her books against the beautiful landscape and local history of New South Wales. As well as writing, she also works as a book editor in Orange.

Kelly’s first book, Black Diamonds is set in 1914 Lithgow. It is a love story between a young socialist coalminer, Daniel and Francine, a bourgeois mine-owner’s daughter, who are separated by The Great War. Written with the freshness and humour you’d expect from a Central West author, Black Diamonds is a great read.

Kelly’s new novel, A Blue Mile, is set during the Depression and the construction of the Harbour Bridge in the 1930s, is due to come out sometime in 2014. Let us pre-order it for you; email us or message us on Facebook.

The Garden of Emily Washburn book by Barry Dean

More local authors
We also have several new copies of self-published and small-press, local authors which you won’t get anywhere else.

Tales the Laundress Told and Other Stories by local retired teacher, Winsome Smith, is a collection of the authors favourite short stories.

The Garden of Emily Washburn by Lithgow born, Barry Dean, is a mystery novel surrounding the death of an Australian film director, Peter Mortimer, who stepped in front of a car just one hour and fifteen minutes after winning the Cannes Film Festival leaf.

We’re bursting with local pride, knowing that there are some great stories coming out of our neighbours’ brilliant imaginations. This truly is a wonderful time to be in Lithgow.

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