Over 55s Big Day Out

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the Over 55s Big Day Out as a part Celebrate Lithgow. I know, I look good for my age, as Paul keeps telling people.
2013-11-20 Over 55s Big Day Out, Naturally by Kelley

It was a fun day, and I enjoyed being the fly on the wall. I met a lot of lovely people. I was glad I brought along some classic books, because they seemed to be the theme of the day.

2013-11-20 Over 55s Big Day Out, W. Smith

I took two orders, including one for a copy of Anne’s House of Dreams. I was bursting with national pride by the end of the day. I was barely set up when a gentleman came over and bought my entire supply of Westerns and a little later on, a lady purchased a copy of my favourite book, Alice in Wonderland, and Anne of Green Gables, which is a Canadian classic.

It was great to see one of our local authors, Winsome Smith;  she stopped by my table to say hi and sign a copy of her book, Tales the Laundress Told and Other Stories.

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