Celebrate Lithgow 2013

I walked up the street between the tent-raisings and the tables laid out just before nine on Sunday morning. A man behind some local mining machinery laughed heartedly. A little further along another man laughed, then another, a woman inside a shop, and three people, all unseen; all engaged in different jokes. The sun was shining on my face and I thought to myself, “It’s going to be a good day.”dump truck, mining

I wandered down the street looking for Paul when I spotted him behind an ice cream truck down by Cook Street Plaza. He’d been there organizing the stall holders and rides since 6:30 that morning but still looked as bright as he had when he left.

I stole him away then to wander down to the Village Markets before we had to open. I found some beautiful produce and came away with a kilo of cherries. Paul found fudge.

Baal Bone Colliery: a history Ray Christison

When we made our way back up Main Street, the street was already busting with on lookers and queues for rides and food stalls. Up at the top end the street was staged with the huge mining equipment. We opened our doors and began our day, taking turns watching the shop and wandering down the street to see the sights and buy from the venders.

Near the end of the day, Ray Christison, a local author who was representing the State Mine Museum at Celebrate, came in with a box of his new book. Baal Bone Colliery: a history

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