The Valentine’s of four ‘F’s’

four fsWhat do women want? Flowers that die? Chocolates that make her fat? No. Women want books.

This year Valentine’s Day falls on Friday, February fourteenth, twenty-fourteen, and in honour of the four ‘F’s,’  A Reader’s Heaven is offering a one day sale on Friday. Get 14% off any book in stone that you can find and “F” in. Find an ‘F’ in a book, show us, and receive 14% off this Valentine’s day. Give her the gift or romance, adventure, or fantasy.

Be the awesome man this Valentine’s day and get the women in your life a book. Don’t have a valentine this year? Let a book be yours. Sometimes a book makes a better valentine anyway. The only thing better than a book from your sweetie is a book you buy yourself and a night to read it.

blind date books

Can’t pick? Try a Blind Date book and give her a gift already wrapped. With amazing books hidden under the paper for only $2-$4. Two gold coins never had a chance of buying a Valentine’s day gift that’s more perfect to give your loved one or yourself


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