Reading is sexy

natalie reading is sexy

Readers are highly addictive. Knowing a few, I know that they are the most interesting to talk to, the most charismatic, and the sexiest people you could meet. Why is this?

Sex appeal is relative, but most people agree that less is more. The forbidden is inciting. Half dressed is sexier than undressed. Movies and television show us everything, there’s no romance. But books, they entice us.

When you read you have to use your imagination, and you don’t get the whole story at once. You turn the pages and slowly the narrative is revealed, climbing slowly toward the climax. People who read understand this and it becomes a part of them.

Need more reasons why reading is sexy. Try these.

Mia Farrow In 'Rosemary's Baby'Mia

denzel washingtonDenzel

Paul NewmanPaul

natalie portmanNatalie

hugh jackmanHugh

reading audreyAudrey

gregory peckGregory

Sophia LorenSophia

George-Clooney-Villa-Oleandra-am-Comersee (1)George

George HarrisonReading even makes George Harrison look good.

reading marilynMarilyn

Marilyn Monroe readingMarilyn

Marilyn Monroe readingAnd Marilyn.





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