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Paul and Jo are getting married

save the date twoWe’re finally getting married. Paul and I will be husband and wife before we fly to Canada so that Paul’s son, Jesse, can be a part of our day. This means we only have 40 days to plan. But that’s okay, we’re book people (READ: very clever and believers that form should follow function).

On May 3 we are having a very small wedding to mark the event and the shop will be closed for the day. Being a small local business, with so many friends for customers and customers who are friends, we felt we’d share our happy news with you. We can’t invite all of you, but we appreciate all the love and support you continue to give. And although the wedding will be private, our happiness isn’t. We hope you all will come into the shop this month so we can spread the love and joy. We can hardly contain it ourselves.

1978906_10152035281778173_1567234765_nTo extend our celebration even further, we’ve dressed our window up in white with beautiful decorations from Partie Boutique and filled the shelves with books about weddings, wives, and husbands. Titles like The Red Bride, HoneymoonThe Bride Stripped BareThe Time Traveler’s Wife, How to Kill Your Husband and other household tips, and this one called Wedding Tiers.



We look forward to sharing our joy and happiness with you and having a little fun (we’re not taking ourselves or the event too seriously). Both Paul and I “just want to be married.” Our story is only beginning.

6 thoughts on “Paul and Jo are getting married

  1. Congrats to you both! My fondest wishes to Paul. Paul always showed such support for my past writing projects and was one of my favourite social media buddies. (I’m no longer on social media because I’m attempting that oh, so daunting job of writing my first novel!) And Jo, I’ve enjoyed your posts for ‘A Reader’s Heaven’. It’s great to know that some bookstores will not only survive publishing’s metamorphosis, but thrive! It seems to me ‘A Reader’s Heaven’ has that potential. Wishing you both the very best for a long and happy future together.

    • Hi Rachel, Paul here. Have missed seeing you around the SM traps and your oft-times humurous and witty blog posts. Hoping that all is going well with the Great Australian Novel – I have read enough of your writing to know that you have the technical skills to pull it off – I sincerely believe you have the storytelling to go with it. I are happy to know that you are still working away at it!

      Thank you as well for your kind wishes and congratulations. We are glad to finally get the go-ahead to get married before Jo has to go home again at the end of her visa. While it will be hard for both of us to be separated again, at least we know we have something solid to return to when she finally gets “home.”

      All the best and please keep us informed (in whatever way you choose) on the progress of your novel.

      Paul and Jo

  2. It’s a thankless and lonely job, the old novel writing, but I couldn’t be happier! To play with my words and thoughts and ideas and storylines is just heaven to me. Hope it all comes together one day. Right now it’s a big old mess. I’m up to my ears in muck! Thanks for your vote of confidence, Paul. I appreciate it!
    How lovely that you and Jo have found each other. I’m very impressed with A Reader’s Heaven. I still love my bookstores and am certain to find myself on your doorstep one day!
    Keep up the great blog posts, Jo – I always read them.

    • Hi Rachel. Thanks for reading. I’m sure you know that when you write something and send it out into the ether you’re never sure it finds eyes. It’s always good to have feedback.

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