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The Night the Music Died: Ian Heads

The Night the Music Died

It’s 1974 and a flashy new rugby league competition is launched. The ‘Amco Cup’ would be played under lights, televised live on Wednesday nights with commentary by a young Ray Warren, the win would no doubt to go to one of the rich Sydney clubs. Against predictions, the trophy goes to a team from western NSW including a local hero from right here in Lithgow.

One player, a balding back-rower nicknamed ‘TV Ted’ Ellery, becomes an instant celebrity. TV Ted and his mates fight perhaps the most violent football game ever played against Great Britain. In which, three players are sent off and the referee calls a police escort to remove out of the grounds and out of town.

Ian Heads combines two books in one. One vividly details a memorable season culminating in the implausible triumph. The other revisits the players to update you on their lives. Uncover the tale told by the referee of the Great Britain encounter and a family secret unearthed by Heads’ research.

The Night the Music Died is the classic story of the local underdog winning against all odds. Read for yourself this revealing and controversial story.

Available at A Reader’s Heaven from August 1, 2014

Ian Heads has been a reliable source of Australian sport in newspapers and magazines for 50 years. Since 1988, he has authored or co-authored more than 40 sporting books; including champions like Arthur Beetson, Jack Gibson, Peter Sterling, Shane Webcke, Mark Taylor, and Ian Thorpe. Heads received an Order of Australia for service to the media as a sports journalist, author and mentor (2010).

3 thoughts on “The Night the Music Died: Ian Heads

  1. hello,
    I’m guessing this is a UK shop?
    I’m interested in the night the music died by Ian Head.
    When will it be available and how much?

    Kind regards


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