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Find Paul a Halloween costume contest

2013 Mercury imageIt looks like I won’t be home for Halloween this year, which is really disappointing. I loved the festival last year and Paul and I had a blast dressing up as our characters.

This year Paul  is having trouble thinking of something and with a home and shop to run completely on his own, he doesn’t have much time. Being far away, I am having trouble doing anything to help. So I need your help.

Between now and October 24th, 2014, we will be taking suggestions for what Paul will wear for his Halloween costume. Paul will pick his costume and the winning suggestion will receive a $5 gift certificate to use at A Reader’s Heaven.

Leave your suggestions in the comments either of this post or on our Facebook page. Please don’t send private messages. Here’s what we’re looking for.


  • creative
  • low cost
  • available locally
  • Paul sized
  • Paul approved

Be as detailed as you can. Where can Paul get the pieces to put the costume together? How should it be worn? You’re the costume designer. The more detailed you are the better your chances.

You may donate or loan items to Paul to use for the day in order to keep the cost down: he will take care of them and give them back. You may suggest make-up but I’m not promising he’ll wear it.

Remember, Paul gets to pick his costume, so you won’t get far with suggestions that will make a boy feel silly and the girls laugh. Bonus Points if the costume is book related.

Please don’t send me links to costumes to purchase online, I could do that. We’re looking for creativity.  Contest closes October 24th and Paul’s decision is final. He has to wear it after all.

Come in on October 31 for Halloween and see which costume Paul chooses.


2 thoughts on “Find Paul a Halloween costume contest

  1. This is kind of horrible but you could dress as 50 Shades of Grey. You could get a whole bunch (50) of grey paint samples and put them on a black out fit. Or you could paint them on.

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