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2016 Reading Challenge – Week 7

I have been looking back on the books we have read so far in our 2016 Reading Challenge and it presents fascinating reading – modern classics; an old book; a road trip; immigrants; women in war; and, finally, fairy-tale based novels.  I have really enjoyed the selections so far but I have to admit that last week’s book, Cinder, was my favourite of them all. (Scroll to the bottom of the post to find my review of it.)

This week, the challenge is to read a book under 150 pages. And this week, that was a piece of cake for us. You see, in a few weeks’ time, we are holding a book signing by Kim Kelly to celebrate the release of her new novella, Wild Chicory. And, as luck would have it, the novella fits nicely under the 150 pages.


Wild Chicory by Kim Kelly



Wild Chicory is a novella that takes the reader on an immigrant journey from Ireland to Australia in the early 1900’s, along threads of love, family, war and peace. It’s a slice of ordinary life rich in history, folklore and fairy tale…


Kim has been a long-time favourite of the community (and ours) since the release of her first book, Black Diamonds, which is set in our hometown of Lithgow during World War 1. Since first meeting her (she brought cake!), she has been to our bookstore on numerous occasions – once for the launch of our new store a few years ago. Kim is good people and we enjoy telling everyone about her books.




Last week, the challenge was to read a book based on a fairy tale. You can find my review of this book here.


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