Join The Teddy Bear Drive

Teddy Bear Drive A Reader's Heaven Bookstore LithgowA Reader’s Heaven is holding a Teddy Bear Drive!
184 Mort Street, Lithgow, NSW
Monday-Friday 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Saturdays 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM
Now until 26 June 2019

Why a Teddy Bear Drive?

Once when Paul took Vianne for a needle, the kind pathologist gave Vianne a cuddly teddy bear for comfort. There were no tears just a little girl who felt safe and loved and protected. We hadn’t thought to bring a toy with us, but what a difference the toy made. The pathologist was able to give that bear to Vianne because someone had donated the bear.

Since then, there have been local stories of homes burning and families losing all things. There have been stories of our kids fighting terrible diseases in the hospital. We can’t stop the hurting in our community. But imagine at these horrible moments, when a child is scared, a kind doctor, or police officer, or fiery can hand that frightened child a soft toy for comfort? How can they do that? Because we donated the bear.

These cuddly friends can be a massive comfort to scared children. When we part ways with a few of our furry friends, we can make a significant impact on another child’s life at a time when they need a friend the most.

How can you help?

Drop-off your gently-used Teddy Bears at A Reader’s Heaven during shop open hours before 26 June 2019, and we will donate the bears to our local hospital, police station, or fire department for children in need.

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