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Today Kim Kelly was at A Reader’s Heaven for the launch of her new book, Jewel Sea.  While she was here, she told us about Books Create Australia, a movement to protect Australian authors from changes to copyright laws and the removal of parallel importation restrictions (PIR).

“If Mr Morrison’s decision to repeal PIRs on books is allowed to proceed, Australia’s authors (whose creative earnings already average less than $13,000 per year) will lose valuable royalties, career-supporting income from overseas rights sales, and the support of a healthy Australian publishing industry.”

Australian Society of Authors

To raise awareness on this issue, the Australian Society of Authors has launched a social media campaign using the hashtags #saveozstories and #bookscreateaustralia. To show our support for Australian authors, we are offering a 10% discount on your in-store purchase when you take a selfy in the shop with the hashtag to be posted on social media.

Show your support by using the hashtags #saveozbooks and #bookscreateaustralia and sign the petition at


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