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R.C. Bridgestock

Police procedural novels are everywhere at the moment – they rank in the Top Three genres in most bookshops and ours is no exception. However, the problem is that most authors are now settled in following the same worn path of most detective novels – murders abound until the police find that elusive clue to finally track down the killer…all very familiar but no real substance. The reader feels disconnected from the characters as they feel like they have “read this before”.

Not so with “Deadly Focus” – true, it is a police procedural but the biggest difference is substance. R.C. Bridgestock have created characters you want to jeer, and characters you want to cheer (and sometimes shed a tear.) The writing is tight, clever and gripping – all the elements that seem to be missing from a lot of crime books.

“Deadly Focus is a fast moving, gripping thriller in which the reader travels
with DI Jack Dylan throughout his enquiries, living and breathing the pursuit of the sadistic murderer, through his eyes.
A schoolgirl vanishes; everyone becomes a suspect. Murder is chilling and full of mystery; nobody’s child is safe. It is the ultimate and relentless test for the man in charge of the enquiry and his team but the killer is one step ahead and another body is found.
Will it prove too much as both Dylan’s health and private life begins to suffer?
DI Dylan is under the microscope and struggles to find a balance
between his passion for his job and his love for his partner Jen.
Will he be able to maintain the impetus to bring the perpetrator to justice and secure justice for the victims’ families?”

Deadly Focus is available in paperback or Kindle editions.


Coming soon from R.C. Bridgestock:



The second DI Jack Dylan novel, Consequences.






Between them Bob and Carol Bridgestock have nearly half a century of
experience within the West Yorkshire Police Service. Bob Bridgestock was a
career detective for thirty years and held every rank within the CID retiring at
the rank of Detective Superintendent. He dealt with 26 murders and 23 major
incidents including shootings and attempted murders. He received twenty
commendations from High Court judges, Crown Courts and Chief Constables.

His wife and co-author Carol has seventeen years experience as a support
worker for the same Force which provides the inspiration for their

Visit their website or their page at publishers Caffeine Nights.

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